Design Structure Description of Air Box Pulse Dust Collector

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Jul 09,2021

The main body of the air box pulse dust collector consists of an upper box body, a middle box body, an ash hopper, a discharge valve, a supporting leg, etc. According to the treatment air volume of 25000-30000 m3 /h, the dust collector is divided into 4 chambers, each chamber has 96 cloth bags, and the filter area is 372 m3. Can meet the system air volume requirements.

  1.air tank pulse dust collectorThe main body is composed of upper box body, middle box body, ash hopper, discharge valve, outriggers, etc. The air volume is 25000-30000 m3 /h,Dust CollectorIt is divided into 4 chambers, each with 96 cloth bags and a filtration area of 372 m3. Can meet the system air volume requirements.

2. The structure of the middle box bag room: the bag room is made of 4mm cold-rolled steel plate bending plates. The bending plate has good bending strength and good shape rigidity to ensure that the box meets the pressure resistance requirements. The appearance quality and durability of the cabinet. The middle box body is provided with an air groove, the air inlet groove and the air outlet groove are composed of air groove partitions, and the flange-connected air inlet and air outlet are arranged in the air groove. By installing a bypass in the air duct, both space and material are saved.

3. The upper box is a clean air chamber. The upper box is made of 4mm thick steel plate. The use of sub-chamber structure. Each chamber is fitted with a poppet and a blowpipe. The poppet valve is placed above the top of the air slot. Used for off-line dust removal; the spray pipe consists of a nozzle and a pulse valve joint. The pulse valve and the poppet valve are opened and closed by the electromagnet, and the controller controls the electromagnet to realize the automatic control of the opening and closing of the pulse valve. The upper part of the box is equipped with an access door and a sealing groove. Sealant is placed in the sealing groove to prevent air leakage and ensure that the overall air leakage rate is less than 3%. The access door is used to check and replace the cloth bag. The rubber sealing strip is arranged around the entrance door, and the pressure plate is evenly compressed.

4. shouldDust CollectorEquipped with 2 ash hoppers, and a star-shaped discharge valve with automatic discharge function is installed under the ash hopper. The exhaust valve can effectively prevent air leakage and water vapor from entering. When the ash hopper reaches a certain amount of ash, the ash discharge valve will periodically discharge ash. The ash hopper is provided with an access door for easy maintenance.

5. shouldDust CollectorBuilt-in protection function, with temperature control and bypass device, used to deal with emergency situations. Once the control system detects that the flue gas temperature is too high or other emergencies, the PLC control instrument will pneumatically close the disc valve at the inlet and outlet of the dust collector and open the bypass disc valve to avoid damage to the cloth. Bag and protectDust Collector. When the flue gas temperature returns to normal, the inlet and outlet butterfly valves are pneumatically opened, the bypass butterfly valve is pneumatically closed, and the dust removal system resumes operation. When the flue gas temperature continues to rise, the fan needs to stop working to protect the fan. After the personnel on duty normally overhaul, restart the operation. In addition, due to the boiler flue gas temperature is very high, in order to the personal health of equipment maintenance personnel, in the case of production can not stop, set up a bypass to deal with sudden failure, to ensure the smooth progress of production is very necessary.

The electric control system includes pulse injection control, rapping control, temperature control and air compressor control. A special controller with stable performance is adopted to ensure the normal operation of the dust collector.

7. According to the local climate and the characteristics of boiler dust, the dust removal system is equipped with thermal insulation layer to make the temperature of the dust continuously stable, avoid the phenomenon of bagging caused by condensation, and ensure the normal operation of the dust collector.