Company culture

Jiawang's pursuit

1, the pursuit of enterprises ---- "three big" and "three Zhuo" is the persistent pursuit of Jiawang building materials. 
The "three majors" are: the goal of a big cause; the mind of a big market; the feelings of a big family. "San Zhuo" is: excellent economic benefits; outstanding social benefits; Zoran's workforce.
2, employee pursuit 
Realize the value and ideals of life on the grand stage of Jiawang; enjoy the friendship and true feelings of the world in the family of Jiawang.

Jiawang's business purpose

Improve the scientific and humanization of conventional services; 
Improve the commercialization and industrialization of high technology; 
Improve the import and export of high-tech products and international economic and technological cooperation.

Jiawang's overall business philosophy

Competitive innovation, scientific integrity, and warm service; 
Competitive innovation - innovation and change, first half step; 
Scientific integrity - science and technology to promote enterprises, integrity management; 
Warm service - true service, treat people with morality.

Jiawang's work philosophy

1. The concept of leadership at all levels
Learning to become a creation, doing things into thinking, and being successful in the world.
Learning to be creative – the success of learning lies in creation, learning in creation, and creation in learning.
Being successful in thinking - the success of behavior lies in thinking. Systematic thinking can avoid one-sidedness and be good at thinking to discover regularity.
Wei Cheng Yu Lian - prestige comes from honesty and self-discipline. Being selfless can be fearless and can only be positive.
Success is achieved – success depends on the enthusiasm and creativity of our employees.
Improve the "mental model" of employees to establish the unified values ​​of the team; develop the potential of employees to create huge wealth; adhere to the combination of "rule of law" and "Cultural Governance", in order to do things, manage people, take responsibility, get caught, and Some people do, coordinate up and down, communicate with each other, have something to do, and share the income.
2, the concept of the majority of employees -------------- want to master things, do masters live, do the master responsibility, enjoy the master.
I want to be a master – individuals and companies grow together and realize their values ​​and ideals in the company's development.
Working as a master – working hard to learn beyond yourself and contributing to the company’s shared vision.
Do the master's responsibility - be the master of the industry, the responsibility of the sacred business.
Enjoy the master music - the improvement of employee benefits is a sign of prosperity, and the realization of talent value is the greatest pleasure of employees.
3. Financial management concept
Financial management is the center of business management; capital flow is the center of financial management.
4, marketing concept -------- to Dexing industry, to win new.
Dexing Industry - Think of yourself as a user and find ways to provide value-added services to users.
Winning with newness - Taking the past as a starting point and doing everything possible to create new achievements for the company.
5, production management philosophy ------ enterprise agility, product modernization.
Enterprise agility - strong new product development capability; production site and equipment have strong responsiveness to market changes; employee quality has strong adaptability to market competition; market response has strong responsiveness; innovative management capability; information system can truly reflect market The situation of change.
Product Modernization - Normalization Consider the advancement and practicality of the product, and consider the thoughtfulness and satisfaction of the service.

Jiawang's way of doing business

The use of "Sun Tzu's Art of War": Tao, Heaven, Land, and Law: Five elements of planning; establish "first profit afterwards", "first seek strength after seeking strength", "do things first after doing things", "prophet and confidant" "Five values of "first take the ladder and then go to the building"; seek the five advantages of "talent, brand, management, mechanism, technology"; realize the business objectives of "users, partners, society, employees, shareholders".