Technical description of manufacture of air box pulse dust collector

Release time:

Jul 12,2021

Gas box pulse dust collector manufacturing technical instructions and specifications: 1. Equipment welding adopts CO2 gas shielded welding, internal section welding, external continuous welding, according to national standards testing; gas shielded welding welding performance is stable, welding thermal deformation zone is small, welding stress is small, no welding slag, no oxide skin, to ensure the dust collector body internal welding stress volume is small, welding quality is guaranteed.

  Air box pulse dust collectorManufacturing Technical Description and Specifications

1. CO2 gas shielded welding, internal section welding and external continuous welding shall be adopted for equipment welding, which shall be tested according to national standards. Gas shielded welding has stable welding performance, small welding thermal deformation zone, small welding stress, no welding slag and no oxide skin, thus ensuring small internal welding stress volume of dust collector body and guaranteed welding quality.

2. The flower plate hole is formed by a large punch to ensure that the size and position of the flower plate hole meet the design requirements, to ensure that the cloth bag meets the specification requirements, to ensure that the distance between the cloth bags meets the design requirements, and to prevent the cloth bags from loosening and falling off or matching. It is too tight to install; the hole end of the flower plate is manually polished, which is conducive to the fastening and installation of the bag and prevents damage to the bag.

3. Before the equipment leaves the factory, the inner and outer surfaces of the equipment should be polished and smooth. Apply iron oxide red alkyd primer evenly twice, and apply topcoat after installation;

4. The pulse valve adopts ASCO structure pulse valve, the valve structure is reasonable, the diaphragm has a service life of more than 1 million times, high sensitivity, large sample volume, wide range of air source pressure adaptation, and wide application;

5. The filter material adopts PPS with excellent performance, which has excellent high temperature resistance. The working temperature can reach 180 ℃ and 190 ℃ in an instant. It is water-repellent and oil-repellent and easy to clean ash.

6. The cage is made of high-quality wire with 3.0 diameter, and the surface is plated with color zinc to ensure the long-term use of the cage. The bag cage is formed by one-time welding with special welding equipment. The skeleton structure and welding quality are subjected to steel wire bending test in the welding area to ensure that the welding is firm and there are no false welds and cracks.

7. The electric control equipment adopts the pulse controller produced by our company. The core control program and circuit structure are designed for many years.Air box pulse dust collectorSummary of control experience. The core components use special devices to ensure long-term stability and reliable operation.