Design Structure Description of Air Tank Pulse Dust Collector

Release time:

Mar 30,2022

The main body of the air box pulse dust collector is composed of four parts: the box body, the bag room, the ash hopper, and the air inlet and outlet. And equipped with pillars, ladders, railings, gas system, ash controller, etc.

Design Structure Description of Air Box Pulse Dust Collector

  1)air tank pulse dust collectorThe main body is composed of four parts: box body, bag room, ash hopper and air inlet and outlet. And equipped with pillars, ladders, railings, gas system, ash controller, etc.

2) Medium box and luggage structure: The luggage room is connected by cold-rolled steel plate bending plate with a thickness of 4mm. The bending plate has good bending strength and firm shape, meets the internal pressure requirements of the box body, ensures the appearance quality of the box body and has strong durability. The middle box forms an inlet and an outflow groove through the air tank partition, and the air groove part has a flanged water inlet and air outlet. Providing a bypass inside the air tank can save space and reduce materials.

3) The air box pulse dust collector is equipped with 2 ash heads, and an automatic unloading function-a star unloading valve is installed under the ash heads. The discharge valve can effectively prevent air leakage and water vapor from entering. When the ash head is loaded to a certain amount, the unloading valve will regularly discharge the accumulated ash. The meeting head is equipped with an access door for convenient maintenance.

4) The air box pulse dust collector is equipped with self-protection function, temperature control and bypass device to deal with emergencies. If the control system detects that the smoke temperature is too high or other emergencies, the PLC control device will pneumatically close the vacuum machine inlet and outlet disc valve and open the bypass disc valve to prevent damage to the battery and protect the vacuum cleaner. After the smoke temperature returns to normal, the inlet and outlet disc valves will be pneumatically opened, the bypass disc valve will be pneumatically closed, and the dust removal system will run again. If the smoke temperature continues to rise, the blower will stop working to protect the fan. After the normal maintenance of the personnel on duty, the new start-up operation. In addition, due to the high temperature of the boiler flue gas, for the safety of equipment maintenance personnel, in the case that production cannot be stopped, in order to deal with sudden failures, it is necessary to set up a bypass to make production proceed smoothly.

5) The electrical control system includes pulse injection control, vibration control, temperature control, air compressor control, etc. Use a special controller with stable performance to ensure the normal operation of the dust collector.

Manufacturing Technical Description of Air Tank Pulse Dust Collector

1) Equipment welding adopts CO2 gas shielded welding, internal discrete section welding, external continuous welding, and testing in line with national standards. The welding performance of gas shielded welding is stable, the welding thermal deformation area is small, the welding stress is small, there is no welding residue, no oxide skin, the internal welding stress of the dust collector body is small, the welding quality is guaranteed, and the body deformation caused by stress release during use And cracking, improve the reliability of equipment, and ensure the confidentiality of welding.

2) The fire plate hole is formed by large stamping. The size and position of the fire plate hole meet the design requirements and the battery matching specification. The battery spacing meets the design requirements to prevent the battery matching from loosening or too tight. The hole end of the fire plate is manually polished, which is conducive to the tightening and installation of the battery and prevents the battery from being damaged.

3) Grind and smooth the inner and outer surfaces of the front of the equipment factory, spray evenly with iron red alkyd primer twice, and paint after installation.

4) Pulse valve adopts ASCO structure pulse valve. The valve has a reasonable structure design, a membrane service life of more than 1 million times, high sensitivity, large injection volume, wide adaptability to air source pressure, and wide application.