Pulse single dust collector is how to clean?

Release time:

May 11,2021

The pulse single-machine dust collector is a bag filter, which is dust-removed by pulse dust removal. The dust removal system of pulse dust collector is composed of pulse valve, spray pipe, air storage bag and pulse controller, and the chamber dust collector is equipped with cylinder.

  Pulse single-machine dust collectorIs a kind of bag type dust collector, through the way of pulse dust removal, pulse dust collector dust removal system by the pulse valve, spray pipe, air bag and pulse controller, the chamber type dust collector added a cylinder.

One end of the pulse valve is connected to the compression airbag, and the other end is connected to the nozzle. The back pressure chamber of the pulse valve is connected to the control valve. The pulse controller controls the opening of the control valve and the pulse valve. When the controller has no signal output, the exhaust port of the control valve is closed. The nozzle of the pulse valve is closed. When the controller sends a signal, the pressure outside the back pressure chamber of the pulse valve is reduced, causing the pressure difference on both sides of the diaphragm to move, the pulse valve is opened for injection. At this time, the compressed air is ejected from the airbag through the small hole of the injection tube through the pulse valve. When the high-speed airflow introduces several times the primary air of the surrounding air into the filter bag through the venturi deflector, the filter bag will generate instantaneous Positive pressure to realize pulse ash removal.

  Pulse single-machine dust collectorCircular bag dust collector is generally used, which can be divided into two types according to the movement direction of dust-containing airflow: side air inlet and bottom air inlet. The dust collector is usually composed of upper box, middle box, ash hopper, frame and pulse blowing device.

During operation, when the dust-containing gas enters the ash hopper from the lower part of the box. Due to the sudden expansion of the cross-sectional area of the airflow, the flow rate decreases, some coarse and dense dust particles in the airflow settle in the ash hopper under the action of gravity, and the fine and dense dust particles enter the filter bag room.

Through the combined effect of inertial collision, filter bag and surface shielding, dust is deposited on the filter bag, the surface, and the purified gas enters the clean air chamber and is discharged from the exhaust pipe through the fan. The resistance value of the pulse stand-alone dust collector increases with the increase of the thickness of the dust layer on the surface of the filter bag. When the resistance value reaches a certain value, back blowing and dust removal are required. At this time, the pulse controller controls the opening and closing of the pulse valve.

WhenPulse single-machine dust collectorWhen the pulse valve is opened, the compressed air in the airbag sprays a high-speed and high-pressure jet airflow to the Venturi through the small hole on the jet pipe, forming an induced airflow equivalent to several times the volume of the jet airflow. Enter the filter bag together, so that the instantaneous positive pressure of the filter bag expands rapidly, and the dust deposited outside the filter bag falls off and falls into the ash hopper to achieve the purpose of ash removal.