Solution to blockage of air conveying chute

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Jan 24,2021

Solution to blockage of air conveying chute

  Air delivery chuteSolution to blockage

(1) When the clinker temperature is less than 50 ℃. The cooling water shall be turned off. The amount of water sprayed in the mill shall not exceed 2% of the output of the mill. The barrel of the mill shall be sprayed with water. The operator shall carefully observe the bolts of the mill body. In case of loose bolts, the cooling water shall be turned off and treated. Do not turn on the cooling water immediately when starting the mill, wait for the air chute to transport the materials for a few minutes before turning on the cooling water. When the moisture content of the materials entering the mill is large, the materials should be dried.

(2) When the grinding material contains more slag, check the grinding tail sieve plate. If the grate seam of the sieve plate is too large, it should be welded or replaced, and the rotary sieve slag discharge device should be replaced or improved. Prevent more iron slag from entering the chute.

(3) Through the observation window of the air chute or open the exhaust port on the upper part of the chute, if the material in the chute is found to have "bulging" phenomenon, the porous plate shall be broken, and the porous plate shall be replaced. The installation of the porous plate shall be flush with the chute, and the joint shall be pasted with adhesive. If the adhesive is dry, the porous plate shall be easily loosened.

(4) The air leakage shall be sealed with rubber and asbestos rope. The upper part of the feeding end of the chute shall be equipped with an air locking device. The side and upper part of the chute shall be equipped with a pressure measuring tube at regular intervals. If any change in pressure is found, the reason shall be found and corresponding measures shall be taken.

(5) Slant size is an important factor in determining the speed of material movement in the groove. The slope increases by 1% and the flow increases by about 20%. When the particle size, viscosity, humidity, natural angle of repose of the conveyed materials are large and the conveying distance is long, the slope should be larger and smaller. When the impact on production is large, the slope should be increased or the wind pressure and air volume of the fan should be increased to improve the air inlet pipe of the fan.

(6) Before parking, stop the mill feeding, transport the materials in the chute clean and stop the machine. When driving, open the chute for a few minutes before feeding.

(7) In order to discharge the residual gas in the upper groove in time, an exhaust pipe or a cloth bag is installed above the tail of the chute to exhaust. The upper tank of each section shall be provided with 1~2 exhaust ports and sealed with filter layer and barbed wire.

(8) inAir delivery chuteThe feeding end is equipped with automatic alarm device. Once blocked, automatically close the feed port or automatically stop.