Two cities in the afternoon narrow shock cement Internet of things plate led the decline

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Sep 22,2011

The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets fluctuated within a narrow range in the afternoon, and the trend was relatively stable. The cement, Internet of Things, material foreign trade, electrical appliances, coal, and real estate sectors fell sharply, while the 3G, wine, and oil sectors were relatively resilient.

As of press time, the Shanghai index was down 1.51 per cent at 2444, while the Shenzhen Composite Index was down 1.70 per cent at 10695.

Guocheng investment analysis said, at present, the early lows are tested again. However, judging from the latest data, the left-hand trading of institutional funds has continued for some time. Therefore, the darkness of the market should be the "last black" before the dawn ". Operationally, look more and move less, waiting for the transition of the market time node.